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It's a new year post, what can you expect? I'm tired and I've watched too many murder mysteries and episodes of salvage hunters. Spare me. This can go one of two ways.

2013 has not been the kindest, but it has still be pretty great in it's own weird way. It's those great things that I'm going to dwell on. I managed to finally see some of my favourite bands live, and to meet those favourite bands too. But along with that I've met or spoken to some of the greatest people possible, some of the people I am so glad to call my friends.
Caitlin: You're a lunatic, but you're fabulous. You've been there when I needed you, and you've become pretty grand at dealing with me. Thank you for everything you've done, man. I love you.
Althea: I h8 you. No, no I don't. You're my K-Pop person, and you're an assbutt. We've spent so much of this year together, you're freaking great and you're insanely talented. I love you, man.
Emily: You're my brother in arms. The Jace to my Alec. I freaking love you.  You're just generally a fantastic person to know, and a fantastic person to be friends with. 'The world is a wheel, when we rise or fall we do it together.'

Milly, Goff, Will, Meghan, Cailtin (D), Sammy, Chloe, Ellie - and all of the rest of you lot whose names have slipped my inner momologue now - thank you. Thank you for being great, and thank you for sticking around. You're all brilliant, and I owe you. I love you all.

As for other people: Ashestoangels, FVK, DEAD (Matlock, I'm looking at you), RUN, Evilyn, Ugly Love, and such like. You are all grand. I owe you guys.

With that I bid a fond farewell. Here's to another year of insanity!


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United Kingdom
Imagine young Emma Watson mixed with a dwarf. That's me, basically.

Alice, or Alex if you wish - whatever takes your fancy

I write, mostly about those suited fellows in that little band called Fearless Vampire Killers.
I also dance, but that is irrelevant.

40% words, 50% music, 10% cyborg... human, even.

Come talk or something, I don't bite - honest!

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